The Physicochemical approach to Acid-Base

The physicochemical approach to acid-base is still controversial, thirty years down the line. This is silly, as the simple idea that one should examine all of the relevant independent variables (and the equations governing them) antedates Peter Stewart. The 'traditional approach' limps by focussing on just one equation (transformed into the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation) and ignores some of the independent variables contributing to pH. No amount of rhetoric can avoid this fact. Here's our tiny contribution ...

We were rather chuffed to see that the American Thoracic Society (whom we hold in great respect) saw fit to include our website in their Best of the Web section on acid base. You may wish to visit their article, not necessarily because it references our pages, but because you can find other acid base sites of value there!

If you want to download and run the applet on your computer while off-line, you will need to:

  1. Make a directory called (for example) c:\ionz ;

  2. Save my Stewart tutorial to this directory (In most browsers you can do this by clicking on File and then Save As );

  3. Save the following files in the same directory :
    (Click or right click on each of the files in turn to download them).

  4. While offline, open your browser and type in the address where you saved the tutorial
    (e.g. c:/ionz/stewartclean.htm ).